7 tricks to make a small room more spacious

It turns out that with a minimum of effort and money, you can visually expand the space, make a small room more spacious. We learn the top 7 tricks that will help solve the problem.

A lot of light

The light is able to expand the space, so it is necessary that the interior includes more lamps, chandeliers, turned lamps, and fewer curtains and various partitions. If necessary, zoning the room, you can use glass partitions, they are able to transmit light. As for additional lighting sources, they can also visually enlarge a room.

A little trick!

Place the mirror at the main light source and the room will become larger.

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Less furniture

Nothing shrinks a room like bulky furniture sets. And if these are huge wardrobes and grandiose sofas, then you can completely forget about the spaciousness. No need to litter the room with extra nightstands and furniture to the ceiling. Owners of small apartments should pay attention to furniture that does not create obstacles.

Get rid of the walls and grandmother's wardrobes. If the walls seem empty, you can use paintings or mirrors. All furniture should fit the size of the area. By the way, there will be more air.

Furniture by rank

How to furnish a room? Designers recommend using a little trick: next to the door, small tables, a coffee table, or a chest of drawers will look good. But at the wall located opposite the door, you can put a sliding wardrobe, bookcase or bookcase.

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Vertical and horizontal lines

Everyone knows that vertical stripes visually increase space. But this does not mean that you need to immediately paste over the entire room with wallpaper with such a pattern. It is enough to use decorative elements that create such an effect. It can be shelves, textiles with lines, you can draw several vertical stripes on the walls.

Glass and clear plastic

A great trick from designers is to equip the room with transparent furniture. Several decades ago, only coffee tables could be attributed to the list of such headsets.

Now we are offered a large selection of furniture made of plastic and glass, which perfectly fulfills its function and is able to visually enlarge the room. A feature of such furniture also lies in the ability to transmit light, which is very important from the point of view of at least a visual increase in space.

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Warm colors in the interior

Refuse cold and bright shades, especially if they are in contact, since this option of room decoration reduces space. Ideally, pastel and warm colors, they enlarge the room.


Preferably pink, flesh, cream, beige and apricot. It is possible to dilute the color scheme with decorative elements of red, green or blue. The flooring must be white, brown or gray.


At first glance, this factor may seem like a trifle. But if things and other household items are always scattered in the room, then at the psychological level the space will “crush”. Therefore, get rid of unnecessary things, and your apartment will become spacious and at the same time comfortable.

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We hope our tips will optimize the space and turn a small room into a dream place.


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