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About the Roof and Roof site

Welcome! If you are on this site, it means that you are interested in the question “How to make a roof of a house?” You can be sure that you came to the exact address. Our site was created with a specific purpose - to give you a deep idea of ​​the device of this important and responsible design. Having carefully studied its contents, you can easily navigate in all the intricacies of its construction and subsequent repair. The information presented here will provide an opportunity to exercise almost professional control over the production of roofing. The roof of the house with your own hands will become absolutely real and easy for you to do.

What is a roof for?

No matter how beautiful and comfortable your home is inside, it must have a quality coating. It will allow for many years to enjoy comfort and not worry about the safety of the built dwellings. What does that require? Competently approach the design of the roof, build it in strict technological order and use high-quality building materials.

Roof cover must withstand many of the negative factors that include

  • rain and snow;
  • solar and wind exposure;
  • steam and melt water;
  • temperature difference and condensation;
  • consequences of poor environmental conditions;
  • noise inherent in the city;
  • probability of unexpected fire, etc.

Considering the information posted on our website “Roof and Roof”, it will not be difficult for you to minimize everything that can adversely affect the performance of the roof and roof. With our help, you will be able to carry out the construction of the roof of the most complex shape and design. Its service life will last for many years, and you will not be bothered by the worries associated with constant repair. Even if some elements suffer as a result of a natural disaster, the roof can be quickly repaired in a short time.

Construction and basic elements of a pitched roof

Using our site you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the roofing device, which consists of

  • stingrays (1) or inclined planes;
  • the basis for them is rafters (2) and crate from counter crate (3);
  • in turn, the emphasis for rafters is Mauerlat (4) (special bars);
  • intersecting, the slopes form both horizontal and inclined ribs (12).
  • The topmost edge, located in the horizontal direction, is called Skate (5).
  • the internal angles that are formed when crossing the slopes are called - endovye or giddles (6);
  • roof construction is carried out so that its edges form eaves overhangs (7) which protrude horizontally above the outer walls. The edges of the roof, which are located obliquely, are called gable overhangs (11);
  • the part of the house located between the slopes of the roof, which on the side of the facade looks like a triangle or a trapezoid, is called pediment.
  • Rain and melt water flows to gutters (8), of which goes into water intake funnels (9) followed by drainpipes (10) and is discharged into a storm sewer.

The advice of our specialists will be very helpful, as they will provide real help when necessary.

  • competently approach the calculation of the size and other parameters of the roof;
  • make the roof of the house with your own hands be erected quickly, i.e. to organize preparatory work well;
  • to carry out further effective roof maintenance;
  • carry out preventive repairs and other necessary work.

You do not need to search for information on other sites. It is fully represented with us! Having carefully studied all the recommendations and advice, you will not only learn how to build a roof, but you can also control the work of employees. Agree that it is pleasant to feel your competence when you communicate with specialists and do not look like an absolute amateur in their eyes. If roofing is carried out by the construction team, it will be easier for you to control the quality of work and save your money.

Constant acquaintance with the site content “Roof and Roof” will bring you real practical benefit. Which one? You no need to worry and get lost in doubt regarding the construction or repair of the roof and roof. You will be able to cope with this work not only easily, but also professionally! Even in the case of a complex roof configuration, the result will be extremely positive!

Our portal answers the questionsassociated with the complexity of the construction of the roof and the further operation of the roof.

Some features of the roof device

To help people who are faced with the question of how to build a roof, our site pays special attention to the question of how to take out the steam formed inside. It appears in the cold season, when there is a temperature difference inside and outside the building.

The absence of a vapor barrier from a thick plastic film will lead to wetting and decay of the roof structures. Without it, the insulation will absorb the formed condensate and will cease to fulfill its functions. As a result, icicles will form from the remaining condensate.

To minimize the problem of condensation and moisture seepage through the roof covering, you can use waterproofing from a special perforated film. Good ventilation system, consisting of a flyask, ridge and cornice products, will remove the formed steam and retained moisture.

Articles, instructions and recommendations, training videos that are posted on our portal pages will introduce you to the featuresfinish coatings different kind. You will learn how to build a roof from slate and corrugated board, metal tiles, ondulin and other materials. We described in detail all their advantages and disadvantages, installation features and technical specifications.

The roof of the house with your own hands will no longer seem to you an illusory venture, frightening of its complexity. We have no doubt that a trip through the pages of our site will be exciting and informative for you!