Roof safety

The most relevant articles on safe operation when installing the roof are collected in this section of the site. If you make the roof with your own hands, then you need to consider not only all stages of the work, but also provide for safety measures when you are on it.

The articles published in this section will help to deal with most of the issues related to safety during the installation of the roof, and also an extensive range of problems arising from the performance of roofing is considered here.

Safety of work and maintenance of the roof - the main issues of construction

The security section includes many questions. This is a very extensive section, which requires a very detailed study, both from the side of construction organizations and from private individuals.

The materials in this section should be carefully studied by everyone who is going to build a roof on their own. Of course, the security issue is by no means an idle one. And if there are no construction skills at height, then unforeseen and even traumatic situations can arise.

Information section, of course, will be useful to professionals. The articles reveal the main features of work on the roof. Questions are considered how to build fences for safe operation and conduct their test tests.

The basic requirements for safe operation are also described. This includes regulatory documents, including fire safety rules and various GOSTs.

Ensuring safety on the roofs of houses is an indispensable condition for their operation, since not only builders perform work on the roof coverings. Many organizations, including various management companies, are engaged in snow removal on the roofs of houses or in various repairs. In this regard, the roof of any house must meet the requirements of increased security.

Such an approach is still new to Russian realities, but in Western countries, not a single building can pass the test if all the conditions for safe work on the roof of the building are not created. That is why injuries and deaths from falling from roofs are extremely rare in the West, they are much less than in Russia. It is enough to say that every year several people die when washing glass domed roofs.

Therefore, it will not be an exaggeration to say that this section of our site should be read first.


Roof safety

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