Rafter system

Quite often, those who are going to erect a roof may have questions about which rafter system to choose, how to build it, what types of rafters, in general, exist, their features and installation secrets. You can easily find out about all this by reading the section on the site dedicated to the installation and installation of the rafter system.

The roof truss system is an essential element in the construction of the entire roof. Depending on the construction of the house and the roof, the most suitable and reliable rafter system is most often chosen.

All about the types and arrangement of rafter systems

All the information you are interested in about various types of rafter systems can be found in this section of our website: the features of its construction, what calculations need to be done so that the roof is reliable and can withstand all the necessary loads.

Depending on the type and design features of the house, you can use several types of rafter systems. Here is some of them:
• hanging rafters (this is such a system in which there are no internal load-bearing walls);
• roof rafters (such a system, on the contrary, assumes internal load-bearing walls in the structural features of the house, and additionally install supports on these walls that will evenly distribute the load throughout the roof of the building);

All the information you are interested in, from calculating the loads on the rafter system to the erection of various rafters, can be quickly and quickly found using the site search system, setting only a few keywords of interest.

Detailed explanations at each stage of the construction of the rafter system will help in the shortest possible time, if necessary, to independently build the rafters. If you consider all the tips and tricks that are given in the articles, then the construction will be completed efficiently and quickly!

The articles in this section discuss in detail the structural features of the rafter systems, what materials should be used in their construction. Particular attention is paid to the selection of roofing material for different designs of rafters.

Having carefully studied all the articles in this section, you can be sure after reading that when you erect the roof of your house you will not make the worst mistakes, which means that your house will be protected and will serve you for many decades, regardless of any weather conditions!

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