Channel bars and I-beams

Everyone who has ever encountered construction is familiar with metal products. They are of different types, but the most popular and popular are I-beams and channels. Their areas of application are very similar. And often consumers are faced with the choice of which of these metal profiles is better.
Channel bars and their scope
The channel is a rather light, but durable metal profile. He is able to withstand any, even the most serious, lateral loads. Not a single construction site can do without this building element. After all, this is the basis of any building.
The small price is an important advantage of a metal channel. Today there are a great many standard sizes of this building material, which are indicated by numbers. The main parameters by which they differ from each other are the length of the channel, its height and, of course, the width of the neck (a small crossbar that connects both shelves).
For the manufacture of the channel used:
• carbon steel (structural);
• low alloy steel.
Channel is used everywhere:
1. together with concrete elements;
2. as an important part of the supporting structure;
3. in mechanical engineering - as guides, which are necessary for lifting devices;
4. in construction for quick assembly of structures of any complexity. Often used in the field of electrical communications;
5. Without the construction of a channel, not a single construction of warehouse or shelving equipment will cost.
6. These elements are applied even in bridge building and automotive industry.
Steel I-Beams
Such a metal profile is used for the construction of large panel buildings or for the construction of industrial structures of any complexity. I-beams are used in the creation of ceilings, as well as supports. Due to their special strength, they are always used as the main supporting structures.
Standard I-beam can have a length of 4-12 meters. Its size can be judged by the number, which indicates the distance between the two outer faces of the flanges of the I-beam in centimeters.
Channel bars and I-beams are simply irreplaceable in our world. These materials several times increase the strength of various designs. Therefore, they are in constant demand for applications not only in construction, but also in various other fields.

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