6 colors that should not be used in the bedroom

Presenting the ideal design of the bedroom, we rarely think that not all colors in the design have a beneficial effect on the psyche. And if it is wrong to set the tone in this room, then instead of feeling rest, you can get stress, depression and a constant feeling of lack of sleep. To avoid this, you must carefully select the colors, excluding those that can not be used categorically.

Juicy orange

Bright and saturated, it gives a charge of vivacity and cheerfulness, helps relieve stress and relieves depression. Therefore, a bedroom decorated in a rich orange hue helps to tune in to positive and contributes to a quick awakening.

On a note!

However, there are also negative aspects of brightness. The constant exposure to orange leads to an overexcitation of the nervous system and interferes with normal rest.

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But there is a solution. It is necessary to add a juicy shade at the head of the bed, where it will not be in a constant zone of visibility. And the rest of the bedroom is decorated in cream-peach, olive, gray-blue shades to create the cosiness and sense of calm that are so necessary for relaxation.

Blindingly white

It will be inappropriate in those cases when the windows face the south side and a lot of sunlight penetrates into the room. An excess of saturated dazzling white creates a feeling of constant tension and does not allow normal relaxation in such a bedroom.

The best solution is to take white with a cream, blue, grayish or other tint or add cream shades to the interior to dilute this color.

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Saturated red

Red is considered the color of passion, and there is a mistaken belief that it will be the perfect solution for newlyweds or those who prefer love to loneliness. However, along with this, this is the color of aggression, which greatly excites the psyche and does not contribute to good rest and complete relaxation.

On a note!

To avoid lack of sleep, when there is no desire to give up red, it is worth adding this color at the head of the bed and to those places where it will not be evident when falling asleep and waking up.

Bright pink

It is believed that a room for a girl and a girl should be decorated in this color to emphasize tenderness and femininity. However, not everyone is pleased to fall asleep inside the candy and bright pink quickly bores, often causing irritation and a sense of anxiety.

Therefore, it is better to replace it with unobtrusive pastel cream shades, adding accents where appropriate. Another good decision would be to opt for a delicate purple shade in the interior.

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It helps to cope with any fears and get rid of melancholy, depression and negative thoughts, therefore it is considered an excellent psychostimulant. However, with an overabundance of color, especially in the bedroom, a feeling of constant fatigue and apathy comes, and instead of relaxing dreams, nightmares begin to dream.

On a note!

To avoid the negative effects of purple, it should be added to the interior of the bedroom as accents, and the main tone should be set in blue and blue pastel shades that have a beneficial effect on the body and contribute to good sleep and relaxation.


Dark color contributes to the development of depression, causes a feeling of anxiety, depression and isolation, isolation from the world.Therefore, it should be avoided in the design of the bedroom.

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You can replace and dilute it with golden, olive, caramel warm shades that positively affect the psyche and contribute to a sense of comfort and tranquility.


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