Noise law in the apartment of 2019: permissible noise level, time

noise law

At what time it is possible to carry out noisy repair work in the apartment in 2019, not all residents of the cities know, therefore they are sincerely surprised when the district police officer comes upon a complaint from neighbors about a violation of public order. Since 2018, a law has come into force that regulates the time for noisy work, noise levels, liability for violation.

Definition and regulation

Noise isolation of our apartments in the best way protects from extraneous sounds, this makes it difficult to fall asleep. The sound level norms are up to 60 dB during the day, and up to 45 at night. For example, a whisper creates a level of 30 dB, and an engine sound - 40, a vacuum cleaner makes a sound of 70. A sound of more than 100 decibels can create pain. Staying in a place where the sound reaches 120-130 contributes to mental disorder. In order not to violate the permitted noise threshold, devices that absorb sound can be used with a power tool.

noise law

The requirements for silence are set forth in 52 Federal Law. It spells out periods when it is allowed to increase the noise level during the repair and construction works. The punishment for breaking the law is spelled out in the Civil Administrative Code. In accordance with these documents, night time is from 23 hours to 7 in the morning.

Restrictions are imposed on the work of the construction tool, any other actions, as a result of which the rules of silence are violated. But is snoring or crying a child a violation?

Since 2019, the law spells out what is the source of noise:

  • repair and handling operations exceeding permissible standards;
  • TV, and other audio equipment;
  • use of pyrotechnic products, except New Year's Eve;
  • musician's instruments, singing, screaming and other household sounds.

Time limits

Limitations are introduced not only to the noise level and time limits of the day, but also to the duration of continuous noisy work. This period should not exceed 6 hours, and the total duration of three months. Noisy activities are allowed from 8 a.m. to 21 p.m. In some areas of the country up to 20 hours. On weekends, time is limited from 10am to 10pm. Do not forget about the afternoon afternoon rest - during the period from 13 to 15 hours of the day it is forbidden to make noise.

These rules do not apply if noise work is carried out to restore objects destroyed by natural disasters, in an emergency. It will not be considered a crime if the alarm system of a car, house, apartment, fire department has worked. Noise is allowed during events on officially established holiday dates.

Permissible Noise Level

Any sound is measured in decibels. For example, a crying child makes a noise of 78 dB, the sound of a jackhammer, a perforator reaches 120, and a passing car - 55. If you think that the noise level is exceeded and it is impossible to resolve this issue through negotiations, then contact the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, or the to the local policeman, they should help resolve the conflict.

At night, the maximum noise level should not exceed 40 dB is a conversation in a quiet voice or whisper. In the afternoon break there should be complete silence. This is a period of time from 13.00 to 15.00. On weekends and holidays, the noise level should not exceed 40 dB, if this is not noise associated with the celebration of calendar events.

Noise level requirements allow for deviations due to terrain features.The maximum permissible error is 10 dB for houses near which there are highways, railways, and 5 dB for apartments in multi-apartment buildings.


The noise level can be significantly higher on weekdays from 9 to 19.

Measures applied to violators

If the police revealed a violation of the silence regime, a fine of five hundred rubles will be imposed. With a repeated complaint from neighbors, the amount increases by 2 times. If, for example, a hired builder or other official is to blame for the violation, the amount for the initial complaint will be 1,500 rubles and up to 10,000 for repeated violation. Legal entities are punished in the range from 10,000 to 30 thousand, the organization, if there is evidence, faces not only a fine of 10-20 thousand, but also a suspension of activity for up to three months.

noise law

Violation of silence, an unpleasant situation, but perhaps it can be resolved through negotiations, because not everyone can know about the established norms. Try to remind unscrupulous neighbors that their activities can prevent young children from falling asleep and create inconvenience to older people. if persuasion and explanation are useless, you should resort to extreme measures - contact the police.

In this case, the district officer draws up the protocol of the offense. Supervisory authorities record the fact of exceeding permissible standards. These documents can be brought to court and in a radical way to call careless neighbors to account.

noise law

To avoid conflicts with neighbors, plan repairs for the time allotted for this. If it is impossible to avoid inconvenience, try to warn and agree on the eve of the necessary time. You can do this with an ad. Do not forget to take into account that small children and elderly people can live nearby, for which compliance with the daily regimen is very important. Read the documents regulating the time of noisy work in advance. In different regions, they may differ from the national ones.
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  1. Sergei

    My mother-in-law lives. She is 92 years old. She suffered a stroke. Neighbors make repairs and work as a hammer drill from morning to evening. It is impossible to endure not only the elderly, sick person, but also healthy! What to do ? I live in Karelia in Petrozavodsk. Both my wife and I are pensioners. I'm on disability.

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